Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Did a little bit of Market Research for our project via facebook. Sent the following email to an equal number of guys and girls and here are the email and replies;

"Hey, need a little bit of feedback for my E&E group project, it would really help me out if you guys could quickly answer these two questions! Thanks in advance ^^

1) Would you be interested in purchasing a t-shirt that can change colour with the temperature?

2) What shops do you normally buy your t-shirts at? .


Emma Lulu Wyton 20 April at 14:48
oh rly? wellity woo, i shall assist :B

1) Maybe, I guess it would depend on the design. I think if it were aimed for the summer season, that would be cool.

2) I am liking the following stores atm:
New Look
that kinda thing. :D .

Laura Panda Haile 20 April at 14:50
1) That would be awesome. Like, red for warm, and blue for cold? :D

2) Mine usually come from (or I would like them to) Uniqlo and New Look. Or, from concerts! 8D .

YuKi Chung 20 April at 14:59
Heyyy, thats a kwl idea!!
1) But.. for a WHOLE Tshirt to change colour all the time.. you might look a bit silly.... Like some giant MOOD RING..xD so like a DESIGN that changes colour thats a different case =D

Izzue (Japanese brand) www.izzue.com
and..yeah.. the rest are from small asian designers... xD
ooOO!!! n i get a few from www.yesstyle.com =O

hope this helps^^

Jasmine Lilly 20 April at 15:00
1) Maybe not for myself but as a present for my sister, definitely!
2) Concerts (at the Carling academy in Islington OTL) and at convention stalls. (sorry that's probably not too helpful :( ) .
Charlie Vinall 20 April at 16:03 Reply1) Hell to the yes! Sounds like something I would buy haha! As long as they're nice colours and aren't faded.
2) Um I like band tshirts so on their respective websites. Also lazy oaf, primark (cringe), debenhams, etc :) .

Ryan Cook 20 April at 16:38
1) Probably not, but i'd no doubt own one eventually
2) Band t-shirts from their sites, play.com, topman, anywhere i see i cool tshirt really :) .

Clym Smith 20 April at 18:25
1) YEH that sounds awesome, though easy to buy and quite cheap is a definate requirement
2) topman, H&M, Burtons, .

Jeff Tong 21 April at 01:03
1) I agree with Yuki, maybe a section of the t-shirt, say, a word or a shape (crazy lines or even a regular slim rectangle) could change colour instead of the whole t-shirt. It could be niche targeted, such as for young girls there would be an illustration of a trendy girl and only her necklace or shoes or nail varnish would change.

But yes I would buy such a t-shirt but only if it's reasonably priced and looks "unique".

2) Usually market stalls abroad, find some crazy things around! That or next, uniqlo, or anywhere with a sale on.

Good luck! ^__^ .

Nagelfar Satansownself 21 April at 22:49
1) yer i probebly would depending on the coulors it changed and the design... but probebly just for the novelt.... but wouldnt your body temprature affect what coulor the shirt turned ratehr than the external temprature... i would prefer if it was the external temp that effected it :D

2) internet :D http://www.spiraldirect.com/ when thay have good things in the sale :D:D

Jonathan Blake 22 April at 09:07
1. Nah, not if the whole thing changed colour but if it was text or illustration then I would buy one.

2. Camden


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