Friday, 7 May 2010

Minutes for meeting 06/05

Today Alex, Leonard, Dalj, Wilson, Mashood and myself met together to discuss the feedback from the formative and to work out our next step;

-Research into our rival companies - what their products do, how much they charge and if possible, how much money they make
-We need to work out what our salaries would be if we were working on making this product for real
-Try and look into why Hypercolor failed
-Create some more t-shirt designs, and experiment with different kinds of t-shirts like v-necks, polo shirts etc.
-Look into whether we can make a proto-type in time for the summative
-Do a few more designs for the t-shirt..
-Research and discover whether UV lighting is a better route to follow in terms of originality and our target market.
-We wondered about selling our product outside of clubs so that the colours on the t-shirt change when people are inside the club dancing
-Customisable patterns?
-Thinking about adverts - Costs and where we would advertise

We have a lot to do but we've split the jobs evenly and plan to meet again at some point next week with more work done.

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