Friday, 14 May 2010

Shops the target audience go too.

Here are the shops the target audience go too:

River Island
House of Fraser
John Lewis
JD Sports
Blue Inc

Then there are the branded Shops

Cecil Gee

Friday, 7 May 2010

Designing the Logo and tagline

When designing the logo I had to keep the product we wished to sell in mind. The logo itself had to be related and memorable to the consumer. The logo itself had to be a symbol that would provoke a memory and an emotional response that would encourage a consumer to by the product.

Because we wanted to create a T-shirt that changes colour regardless of what kind of substance we used I felt that the Chameleon was the best creature to describe the product and its role. The Chameleon is a unique creature that has the ability to voluntarily change colour due to its surroundings and possible predators. Because it can change colour it has a huge advantage over its competitors and makes it vastly superior to other wildlife. Why not use the chameleon to sell the product.

I tried many variations and designs using photoshop. I looked at contemporary logos with the same sort of visual message. I eventually came to the conclusion that the chameleon would be the best way of creating a visual image that would be memorable in peoples' minds. The symbol itself was a straight forward blacked out logo depicting the silhouette of a chameleon. Now to come up with a brand name that offered the same sort of message and related itself to the logo.

I came up with several alternatives all of which described the product in some way. However, not all the names related themselves to the logo and some were boring in contrast to the logo itself. I tried names that described the temperature change as well as the element of camouflage. However, they never really seemed to best describe the product and were not striking enough to really sell the product as a whole. Then a break through. Looking in the dictionary I found a word that best described the product and was catchy enough to spark an emotional response. The name was Crypsis. This word is used to describe any animal that has the ability to voluntarily change colour. It seemed to be the best choice and was a word that best described the product as well as the audience it was aimed at.

As a group we decided that for the logo to work it needed to be constant, ie the logo itself must not change colour otherwise it would get lost in the T-Shirts change in colour. Instead we proposed that the logo remain constant with small sections of colour surrounding it would in fact change colour.

Here are the logos and brand names that I came up with using photoshop.

Brand Management

Brand management is the implementation of marketing techniques to a specific product or brand. It seeks to increase a product's perceived value to the customer and increase brand franchise and brand equity. The brand should be seen in a way that convinces customers and promises them quality and consistency. This may increase sales by making a comparison with competing products more favorable. This can be done by making the product look more appealing to the eye as well as ensuring product quality.  It may also enable the manufacturer to charge more for its product. The value of the brand is determined by the amount of profit it generates for the manufacturer. This may give rise to increased prices or reduced cost of goods sold. All these augmentations may improve the profitability of a certain brand. Brand management is often perceived in companies and organizations as a broader and more strategic role than Marketing on its own. 

 Research by McKinsey and Company suggested that," strong, well-leveraged brands produce higher returns to shareholders than weaker, narrower brands." Taken together, this means that brands seriously impact shareholder value, which makes branding a CEO responsibility. 

T-Shirt Ordering Tips

Found this site which could prove useful when buying T-shirts in bulk.

Leuco Dye colour ranges and temperature levels

I have included a link to that has a comprehensive list of all the available dyes as well as the temperatures in which they change colour. This site will be usefull if we decide to use these dyes as the primary product for colour change.

Scientific Stuff concerning Leuco Dyes

Here is a link to an article on wikipedia that describes how leuco dyes work when they are exposed to heat. It also gives some diagrams that clearly show a structural deformation within the leuco dyes which enable a colour change.

UV reactive pigments

As a group we have discussed other possibilities and technologies to best suite the product we wish to sell. UV reactive pigments could be a more modern alternative to leuco pigments and may be more appetizing to the consumer. The UV reactive pigments are colourless indoors but when exposed to the UV light emitted by the sun turn bright colours. This is a much different phenomenon than that of fluorescence, in which a dye or pigment absorbs one wavelength of light, usually invisible ultraviolet light and then emits that same energy as another wavelenght.

UV pigments actually change their structure to a coloured form, under direct contact with ultraviolet light, after which the additional visible light which reaches the pigment is reflected as colour.