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Alex Caldow (Animation) - Brand Manager
Daljeet Gill (Animation) - Market Research
Leonard Onikoyi (Animation) - Brand Manager
Michelle Vinall (Animation) - Project Manager and Market Research
Mantas Vasiliauskas (Broadcasting) - Finance Manager
Luke Henderson (Post Production) - Marketing Manager
Wilson Otika (Post Production) - Marketing Manager
Raja Ahmed (Broadcast Media Technologies) - Finance Manager

Although we intend to help each other out in our respective areas, this is the basic structure of our roles!

8th April 2009
The date of our first meeting, after a brainstorming session involving pairing together the trends and fads we liked with those we didn't we came up with a variety of cool ideas;
(will scan and post the brainstorm here shortly)
The most prominant two were 3D glasses you could wear as a fashion accessory and a car that could run on garbage and other expendable items like old CDs and books...
In the end however, we pitched our idea to one of the tutors, recieved feedback and due to the difficultly and unpracticality of the products changed our ideas entirely and decided to go with Leonard's suggestion of an article of clothing that could change colour with the temperature and be used for both summer and winter.
This was how we ended our meeting but we are already beginning research into this idea further
(will scan the customer and evidence sheets to post shortly...)

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